As one of the contributors to the FAA’s lifesaving Wind-Shear Training Aid, Mike Smith makes everyone who flies today much safer.  As a result, we, as a nation continue to experience the triumph of meteorology research having conquered the mystery of the microburst that took down so many commercial jets in the past, thus saving thousands of lives in the process.

For me, Mike’s presentation solved the mystery of microburst and the path that was taken to virtually eliminate a significant hazard to aviation. Then his Q & A allowed the audience to interact and get very detailed answers to their specific questions.

Captain Rick Rowe, Bombardier Safety Standdown

Mike continues to inspire others in the aviation industry of the importance of safety awareness. His love for aviation burns as bright today as it did more than 35 years ago, when he was instrumental in proving Dr. Ted Fujita’s theory of the microburst – with the first-ever photograph taken in 1978.

Mike has spent his life looking up to the heavens and always succeeds in meeting and surpassing expectations of meeting planners, pilots, engineers and conference attendees.

“Mike Smith is the best and CSI Meteorology was awesome! Always important as weather is one aspect we cannot control and always need to be aware of.”

“Your presentation was excellent!”

Captain Eugene A. Cernan, Commander of Apollo 17

“Mike Smith’s presentation was very valuable and to the point.”

Comments from Bombardier’s Safety Standdown

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